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Online On Seminar (July 2021)

DioVISTA Online Seminar 2021 ~Utilization of Flood Simulator for Watershed Flood Control~

Event Report

We held a DioVISTA online seminar in July 2021.
As in the previous year, this year's seminar was held online, and nearly 500 people watched the seminar.

State of the day

We also received many opinions in the questionnaire. Some excerpts will be posted.

  • I was able to learn about risk assessment methods such as the safety level of local sites conducted in Shiga Prefecture. In addition, I felt that DioVISTA was useful as a tool that can quickly build and analyze models in order to conduct risk assessment over a wide area in an integrated manner.
  • Listening to the latest knowledge of river basin flood control, I felt that it is important to show the effects well and build consensus. As for DioVISTA, I felt that it could be used for enlightenment because it could show three-dimensional effects in addition to operability.
  • I participated because I wanted to know the details of the product, but I also learned a lot from Professor Taki's lecture and explanation of river basin flood control.
  • It was a subject that I was working on as part of my work, so it was very useful.
  • Before attending the seminar, I felt that the concept of river basin flood control was abstract, but after listening to your talk yesterday, I deepened my understanding. For example, it was meaningful to learn about specific assessment methods, such as creating a matrix of risks at the ground by rainfall probability and degree of damage, and assessing risks by combining various measures and dividing them by rain probability.
  • In order to carry out river basin flood control, it is a major premise that residents and related parties are convinced, but I felt that technologies like DioVISTA are more advanced than I expected, and that they will help build consensus.
  • I feel that this system is effective not only for river managers but also for various people involved in river basin flood control.
  • As Dr. Taki says, in order to promote river basin flood control, "a sense of understanding among the people concerned through science" is extremely important, and I feel that it is a fundamental part of our accountability. I felt that DioVISTA has high potential as a tool that is easy for the general public to understand and convince.
  • I felt that if the work could be done as easily as in the seminar demonstration, it would be possible to work directly managed.
  • As a construction consultant, I would like to make good use of DioVISTA to save labor, save time, and develop my business.
  • Compared to the programs we were building in-house, the interface (especially the GUI for input and output) was very good, and the calculation was fast, which was very attractive.
  • The seminar was very stimulating. In terms of calculation speed, completeness of the interface, and track record of introduction to provide warning information in local governments, I thought it would be difficult to reach this level. It was a seminar that broadened my horizons.
  • I am amazed at the speed of arithmetic speeds. In addition, there are free trial versions and short-term contracts, which are easy to use, which I am grateful for.
  • The patented Dynamic DDM perspective is very impressive. We expect applications in other fields.
  • First of all, I would like to download the free version and try it.
  • I would like to consider raising it in the budget proposal for the next fiscal year. I would like to ask if you can provide details such as maintenance costs and operation manuals.

We would like to thank everyone who watched despite their busy schedules.
We will continue to plan seminars that will be useful to everyone in the future, so thank you very much.

Seminar Information Pamphlet

You can download the brochure in PDF format.

DioVISTA Flood screenshot
Figure: Simulation results of large-scale flood damage (example of operation screen of DioVISTA/Flood)



  • After applying for participation, we will inform you by e-mail how to watch by the date of the event.

Participation fee

Free / Pre-registration required


Wed,7 Jul 2021


time substance
13:00~13:40 Associate Professor Kentaro Taki, University of Shiga Prefecture "Future Prospects of Watershed Flood Control*"
Associate Professor Taki of the University of Shiga Prefecture will introduce his current research using DioVISTA/Flood and talk about the future prospects of watershed flood control. *Flood control measures
: Flood control measures to reduce flood damage throughout the river basin by considering the flood area as a single basin and cooperating with all stakeholders throughout the river basin
13:40~14:10 Utilization of DioVISTA/Flood for watershed flood control
In the era of watershed flood control, software is required to model various elements in the watershed, analyze a large number of cases in an integrated manner from rainfall runoff to flood analysis, and explain them to stakeholders in an easy-to-understand manner.
Based on this, I would like to talk about what DioVISTA can do now and what we plan for future development.
14:10~15:00 Demonstration of River/Flood CalculationWe
will demonstrate how to set rivers and conditions, and examples of flood simulations using DioVISTA/Flood.


Prior to the seminar, you will gain a better understanding of DioVISTA by using the free version of DioVISTA/ Flood to get a feel for how to operate it.

How to apply

Please contact us by email or phone by July 6.



Tel: 03-5577-8193 (Contact: Murakami)

Contact details

  • Name of the person who wishes to participate
  • Company name, affiliation, position
  • E-mail address

  • If the capacity is reached, the application will be closed.

  • Personal information entered in this participation application will be collected for the purpose of operation, management, sending materials, etc. of our seminars, and will not be used for any other purpose or provided or disclosed to third parties.
  • Due to the impact of the spread of the new coronavirus infection and from the viewpoint of infection prevention, it may be unavoidable to cancel. Thank you for your understanding.


Dear Sirs, I would like to express my sincere congratulations on your continued success.

On July 7th, we held an online seminar for professionals involved in flood damage. . We would appreciate it if you could feel free to apply.

As you are all aware, severe flood damage occurs almost every year. Following the torrential rains Japan westward in 2018, Typhoon Japan East in the first year of Reiwa (Typhoon No. 19) in 2019, and the heavy rains in July 2020 in Reiwa 2020, the need for flood countermeasures has been recognized nationwide. In April this year, the Act on Flood Control was enacted, and it was decided to realize safety and security under a new policy of basin flood control in response to climate change.

We have been selling the real-time flood simulator DioVISTA/Flood since 2006, and many customers have used it, mainly in the non-life insurance and construction consulting fields. In addition, for the field of corporate disaster prevention, we provide detailed and specific BCP (Business Continuity Plan) formulation support based on simulations, and have been well received by companies in the manufacturing industry, food, broadcasting, and social infrastructure.

In this seminar, we will introduce a lecture by Associate Professor Kentaro Taki of the University of Shiga Prefecture, a leading expert on river basin flood control, and examples of the use of DioVISTA/Flood, a real-time flood simulator for basin flood control. We have made the seminar an online format so that many people can participate.

We understand that you are busy, but we sincerely look forward to your participation.

Kind regards

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