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Condition setting Individual operation/ calculation area

Create a new calculation area

See Creating a new calculation area.

Import from NetCDF

  1. Right-click > [Simulation conditions]in the DioVISTA project menu list [Calculation area] .

  2. [Import from NetCDF] Click.

  3. The Import from NetCDF screen appears.

  4. Click in the file name [...] .

  5. The folder selection dialog appears.

  6. Select the NetCDF file you want to configure and[open] click .

  7. Click for each variable (ground height, levee flag, levee height, roughness). [...]

  8. [Variable name selection] A dialog will appear.

  9. Select the variable name you want to set and[OK] click .

  10. Select a mesh size.

  11. When you are finished [OK] , click .

Make detailed settings for the calculation area

  • Please make various settings in Properties.

Last update: 2023-03-20