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Condition setting Individual operation / embankment

Create a new embankment

Please refer to Flow Rate/Embankment/Sewage / Embankment/Creating a New Gutter/Gutter.

Set the height of the embankment

  1. Select the embankment for which you want to specify the height from the embankments [Simulation conditions] in >[Structures]> [embankment] of the DioVISTA project menu list and click it.

  2. Click in the fill data of the properties [...] .

  3. Enter the embankment height (m) or top elevation (m).

    • The embankment height (m) is 5 (m) by default.
    • Latitude, longitude, and terrain elevation (m) are automatically obtained from the shape and terrain of the embankment.
    • The embankment height (m) and top elevation (m) are displayed so that the top elevation (m) = terrain elevation (m) + embankment height (m).
  4. When you are finished [OK] , click .

Export all fill data

  • Conditions: Embankment data must exist.

  • Select >[Simulation conditions]> from [Structures] project menu list of DioVISTA you want to export [embankment] and right-click.

  • [Export all embankments] Click.

  • [Save As] A dialog will appear.

  • Set the file name and file type.

  • [preservation] button.

Export single embankment data

  1. Select the levee data you want to export from > > in the DioVISTA project menu list [Simulation conditions] [Structures] [embankment] and right-click.

  2. [Export this embankment] Click.

  3. [Save As] A dialog will appear.

  4. Set the file name and file type.

  5. [preservation] button.

Make detailed settings for the embankment

  • Please make various settings in Properties.

Last update: 2023-03-20