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FAQ / DioVISTA Usage Results

Please tell us about the utilization record of DioVISTA.

Have you ever used DioVISTA to create a flood inundation area map? Please tell me the target water systems, rivers, river managers, etc.


We do not know which tasks each user is performing using DioVISTA.

However, based on questions asked by the help desk and opinions given to users during visits, we recognize that construction consultant users can use it for the following purposes.

  • Flood inundation area map: Class 1 rivers (minister-managed section, designated section) and Class 2 rivers
  • Flood estimates for small rivers: Other rivers
  • Post-flood surveys
  • Examination of the effects of river basin flood control measures

More specific details are based on the premise that they will not be disclosed by customers, so we cannot tell third parties.

Since it is used by many construction consultants nationwide, we believe that DioVISTA has created inundation area maps and flood estimation maps of a considerable number of rivers nationwide.

Last update: 2023-03-17