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Project/ Rainfall

Main applications

  • Used to specify rainfall areas and rainfall.

Figure: Rainfall

Table: Rainfall context menu items and functions

Context menu items function
Creating new rainfall Create a new rainfall area.
Remove all rainfall Remove all rainfall.

Creating new rainfall

  1. Specify the area on the map where you want to create rainfall with a mouse click.

    Figure: Specify areas to create rainfall

  2. To revert to the previous state, right-click or[BackSpace] press the key.

  3. To cancel the creation,[Esc] press the key.

  4. Confirm with double click or enter.

  5. Set rainfall conditions on the Properties screen.

Figure: Properties screen of rainfall condition settings

Table: Rainfall property names and settings

Property Name What to set
name Enter a name of your choice.
Date and time of occurrence Set the start date and time of rainfall.
Rainfall (mm/h) On the rainfall setting screen, set the rainfall amount for the time(s) change.
Area (m2) Displays the area of the specified rainfall range on the map.
valid Enable/disable settings.
The initial value is True.
True: Enabled:
False: Disabled
Watershed analysis Set up the implementation of watershed analysis.
The initial value is False.
True: False to perform
watershed analysis: No watershed analysis
Line Style Specify the line style (line type/line width/line color) to be displayed on the map.
The initial values are as follows:
Linetype: Solid
Line Width: 2px
Line Color: Blue

Remove all rainfall

When you select the menu, a confirmation message appears. [Yes] Click the button to delete all rainfall data.

Last update: 2023-03-20