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Projects/ Menu List

Figure: Project menu list

Table: Project menu list and description

Project Menu explanation
project Configure the general project settings.
Simulation conditions flood Water column collapse Set the water column collapse simulation conditions.
flow rate Set the flow simulation conditions.
depth of water Set the water depth simulation conditions.
Structures dike Set levee conditions.
tunnel Configure the tunnel conditions.
Calvert Set culvert conditions.
pump Set the pump conditions.
sewage Set sewage conditions.
embankment Set the fill conditions.
Fushi gutter / gutter Set the gutter and gutter conditions.
Flowing flood rivers Set the conditions for the flowing flood model.
rivers Set the conditions for the stream model.
Drainage basin Set the conditions of the drainage area.
Disaster Prevention Dam Set the conditions for the disaster prevention dam.
high tide Set the storm surge simulation conditions.
rainfall Set rainfall conditions.
Rainfall Scenarios Set rainfall conditions for the mesh data.
Calculation area Set conditions for floodplains.
Detailed Analysis Area Set conditions for one-way nesting.
Watershed - Analysis Range Sets the watershed analysis extent for the river.
Simulation Results Play back and view the simulation results.

Last update: 2023-03-17