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FAQ/ I want to specify the calculation time step width

Is there a way to explicitly specify the time step width?

DioVISTA automatically adjusts the calculation time step width in see FAQ/How to set the calculation time step.

Currently, we are comparing cases before and after river channel renovation. At this time, it is troublesome that after the river channel renovation, the inundation depth becomes very slight. After much testing, we identified that the automatic adjustment of the time step width was the cause. At the last minute of overflow or non-overflow, different time step widths seem to produce different results. Currently, the time step width is adjusted by creating a dummy river and flooding the dummy floodplain.

Since many cases are considered when creating a flood expected area map, it is certainly good that the calculation time can be shortened by automatically setting the time step width. We believe that such attention should be paid to when comparing before and after countermeasures.


In response to your request, we have added a function. Version. This feature is available from 3.4.7.

Use dfsCalc64.exe's --timestep option.

For more information, please refer to Technical Reference/Batch Processing/Performing Calculations.

Last update: 2023-03-17