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Condition setting Individual operation/ Reservoir

Create a new drainage basin

Refer to Column collapse, Reservoir, Disaster prevention dam, Storm surge, Rainfall, Detailed analysis area, and Create new analysis range.

Make a connection with the overflow embankment

  • It is necessary to create an overflow embankment in the river in advance. (Reference: Create an overflow embankment)

  • Select the drainage area for which you want to specify the connection with the overflow embankment from > in the project menu list of DioVISTA [Simulation conditions] [Drainage basin] and right-click.

  • [Added connection with overflow levee] Click.

  • The map will be in the selection mode of the overflow embankment. Click the location of the overflow embankment.

  • When the position is confirmed [Enter] , press the key to confirm. Connection data with overflow levees is created under the river data.

  • Set the settings related to the connection with the overflow embankment on the property screen.

Make detailed settings for the drainage area

  • Please make various settings in Properties.

Last update: 2023-03-20