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How to log in

  1. Click Login . You will see a screen similar to the following:

  2. Enter your user name and password. [Sign in] Click.

    When logging in for the first time
    1. The two-factor authentication registration screen is displayed in the web browser.

    2. Install the Microsoft Authenticator app on your phone .

    3. Launch the Microsoft Authenticator app that you have installed on your smartphone. Here we will talk about the iPhone screen, but Android is a similar operation.

      1. Launch the Microsoft Authenticator app.

      2. [agree] Tap

      3. [Scan the QR code] Tap

      4. Scan the QR code with your smartphone. The QR code is located on the right side of the screen of the web browser mentioned earlier.

      5. Two-factor authentication is now registered. A [DioVISTA/Flood MFA] field has been added to the app and a verification code (6 digits) is displayed. You'll use this number in the next step.

    4. Enter the verification code (6-digit number) in your browser.
      Enter the [3. Enter the valification code] verification code (6-digit number) in the field below the QR code you just scanned. [Continue] Click.

  3. Enter the verification code (6 digits).
    This screen appears when the PC or network settings are changed.

    • Launch the Microsoft Authenticator app that you installed on your phone. [DioVISTA/Flood MFA] The verification code (6 digits) is displayed.
    • Enter this number in the input field on the screen above. [Continue] Click.
    When changing models

    If you change your model, you will need to reset the Microsoft Authenticator app.

    1. ログイン画面の [Reset MFA registration?] をクリックします。

    2. 認証が必要になりますので、メールアドレスを入力し、[Send verification code] をクリックします。

    3. 認証コード(6桁の数字)がメールで届きます。この認証コードは次のステップで使います。

    4. メールに書かれている認証コード(6桁の数字)を入力して [Verify code] をクリックします。メールが送られない場合は [Send new code] をクリックしてください。それでもメールが送られない場合は入力したメールアドレスが間違っていないかご確認ください。

    5. 認証が完了しました。次に [Click to Reset] をクリックします。

    6. リセットが完了しました。[Continue] をクリックします。

    7. Microsoft Authenticatorアプリを開きます。[DioVISTA/Flood MFA] をタップします。

How to log out

Last update: 2023-03-20