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FAQ/ Mass conservation is not satisfied when flooding calculations are performed in coastal areas

If flood calculations are performed for a long time in coastal areas, the inundation depth will decrease over time. How can you avoid reducing it?

In addition, drainage stations are not set to drain water from floodplains.



When I checked the project, I found a cell with a [sea]topographic value of or in a small river in the floodplain [open] .

[open] Cell, [sea] from the cell, water disappears. The phenomenon you mentioned is thought to be caused by the disappearance of water from these cells.


The terrain values in these cells [sea] should be elevation or , not , [open] or [close] .

[sea] This is probably because > [Calculation area] > [property] [Consider inland waters as oceans] [True] is . Set this value [False] to . Then [Calculation area]> [topography]> [deletion] . Then add the terrain again. Verify that the resulting terrain data does [sea] not have cells and is at elevation.

[open] The cell is probably set by the user, but if you don't want it to flood outside the specified boundary, [close] please use .

Last update: 2023-03-20