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What does FAQ/KML display mean?

When KML is displayed in other companies' map software, the water surface is superimposed on the landscape. There is a feeling of discomfort on the surface of this water.

For example, DioVISTA showed a flood depth of 3.3 m at a certain point. However, when viewed with other companies' map software, a shallower water depth landscape was created. Is this normal?


Sorry about that. This is normal.

The reason is that the terrain used in DioVISTA is different from the terrain used in other companies' map software.

For example, if DioVISTA shows that the inundation depth at a certain point is 3.3 m, it means that the DioVISTA topographic data is 3.3 m flooded from the ground surface. It does not mean that the terrain data of other companies' map software is flooded 3.3 m from the ground surface.

For the same reason, DioVISTA may be flooded, but other companies' map software may not flood. To alleviate this problem, the KML output from DioVISTA displays the water surface at the calculated immersion depth + 0.5 m.

We think it would be a good idea to give a landscape created with other companies' map software as an example of a flood image.

For details, please refer to the Technical Reference Export function of calculation results (KML format).

Last update: 2023-03-17