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FAQ/ Behavior of the gutter gate when the time to switch to wastewater only evaluation is set

[Time to switch to wastewater-only assessment] After a while from that time, the drainage from the gutter gate was no longer done. How can drainage continue?


[Himon] When the depth of the cell with the gutter gate reaches 0, it will no longer drain from the drainage zone. Also,[Time to switch to wastewater-only assessment] enable to prevent water from flowing due to the water level gradient. As a result of these two factors combined, it is thought that the behavior you pointed out is achieved.

In order to continue drainage from the gutter gate, I think it is necessary to devise a way to prevent the water depth of the cell where the gutter gate is set to zero. Alternatively,[Lower limit of gutter flow rate (m3/s)] a value greater than 0 causes any mesh to drain at the lower limit (until no mesh is flooded in the drainage area), even if the mesh connected to the gutter gate is not flooded.

I hope you will give it a try.

Last update: 2023-03-20