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FAQ/ Modeling of Honkawa and Hakawa Behavior

We are trying to model the behavior of the main river and the school river. It seems that the offshoot function of DioVISTA can set a fixed value as the sect ratio, but is it possible to change the sect ratio?


The offshoot function of DioVISTA allows the division rate R to be a fixed value, or the division rate R can be set to the flow rate Q It can also be a function R(Q) of . Please refer to the Technical Reference Branch Rate Setting Function for Divisions.

As another way to model the behavior of the main river and the school, the lateral inflow function can be used. For example, give a negative lateral inflow to the main river, with which we express the offshoot. Another model is possible to express fluctuations in the water level of the Hakawa River by giving a flow time series at the upstream end of the Hakawa River.

We hope you will consider modeling that suits your business requirements.

Last update: 2023-03-17