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Project/ Flow Rate

Main applications

  • When levees are represented by elevation, overtopping and breaches can be simulated easily.

Figure: Flow rate

Table: Flow Context Menu Items and Functions

Context menu items function
Create a new flow rate Create a new flow rate.
Remove all flow rates Remove all flow rates.

Create a new flow rate

  1. Specify the section on the map where you want to output the flow rate with a mouse click.

    Specify the interval with a line.

    Figure: Creating a new flow rate

  2. To revert to the previous state, right-click or[BackSpace] press the key.

  3. To cancel the creation,[Esc] press the key.

  4. Confirm with double click or enter.

  5. Set the flow rate conditions on the properties screen.

    Figure: Properties screen for flow conditions

    Table: Property names and settings for flow conditions

Property Name What to set
name Enter a name of your choice.
Date and time of occurrence Specify the date and time when the flow starts.
The initial value is the date and time of the project.
Date and time of extinction Specify the date and time when the flow rate disappears.
The default value is "9999/12/31 23:59:59".
Flow rate (m^3/s) Set the flow rate for time(s) change on the flow rate setting screen.
length Displays the length of the specified section on the map.
valid Enable/disable settings.
The initial value is True.
True: Enabled:
False: Disabled
Line Style Specify the line style (line type/line width/line color) to be displayed on the map.
The initial values are as follows:
Linetype: Solid
Line Width: 2px
Line Color: Blue

Remove all flow rates

When you select the menu, a confirmation message appears.

[Yes] Click the button to delete all flow data.

Figure: Remove all flow rates

Last update: 2023-03-20