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Online & Hands-on Seminar (July 2022)

~Utilization of Flood Simulator for Basin Flood Control~

Event Report

In July 2022, we held three seminars: Online Seminar, Hands-on Seminar Tokyo, and Hands-on Seminar Fukuoka.
The online seminar was watched by nearly 200 people.
For the hands-on seminar, we received applications that exceeded the maximum number of seats (Tokyo: 30 people, Fukuoka 10 people). We were unable to provide seats for some people and refused to participate. Sorry about that.
We would like to thank everyone who watched and participated in this event despite their busy schedules.
We will continue to plan seminars that will be useful to everyone in the future, so thank you very much.

State of the day

Hands-on Seminar Tokyo

Hands-on Seminar Fukuoka

We also received many opinions in the questionnaire. Some excerpts will be posted.

Online Seminar Part 1: Green Watershed Flood Control and Sustainable Community Development Yukihiro Shimaya, Distinguished Professor, University of Kumamoto

  • I was able to learn about green basin flood control. I hope that seminars on river basin flood control will be held in the future.
  • I think this is a rapidly developing field, so I hope that seminars on river basin flood control will be held continuously in the future.
  • I learned a lot about river basin flood control.
  • I was able to grasp the research that Professor Shimatani is trying to promote in river basin flood control.
  • It was interesting that Professor Shimatani is implementing a green basin flood control project scheme and that he is raising funds not only from research funds but also from local companies.
  • River basin flood control cannot be carried out by river managers alone, and I believe that it is important for local governments and residents to consider it as their own problem. I was made to think that if there are no people like Dr. Shimatani who skillfully work with local governments and residents and connect people from all walks of life, it will be difficult for river basin flood control to progress.

Online Seminar Part 2: Application of DioVISTA/Flood for Basin Flood Control 2022 Hitachi, Ltd. Satoshi Yamaguchi

  • The story of the dam was interesting. It would be wonderful if flood damage could be reduced by dam operation. I'm looking forward to it.
  • The optimization of dam operation was very interesting. Future developments are expected.
  • There is a need for a pre-discharge support system for dams due to business orders, etc. As mentioned in the Q&A session, we believe that a function for "optimal dam operation prediction according to predicted rainfall" is necessary.
  • It has been found that the effect of pre-discharge is considerable, but we believe that rainfall prediction is an important point when actually pre-discharge.
  • The proposal for optimizing dam operations surprised us at the speed of computing a huge number of cases. At the same time, it made me think about what a construction consultant should do with your company as a manufacturer so far.
  • Listening to today's seminar, I felt once again the expansion of the use of DioVISTA/Flood. In addition, it is said that they are thinking of upgrading the version in response to requests from users, so we can keep an eye on it.
  • I now understand the usefulness of DioVISTA. Since our company has a department specializing in flood control, it is basic to carry out calculations with DioVISTA in cooperation with other departments, but I was interested in it because it can be easily used by students.
  • The preparation of flood inundation area maps and small-scale river inundation estimation maps is progressing, and the work of inundation analysis corresponding to river basin flood control projects is increasing. I heard that you are also considering adding and modifying programs for rice field dams, and I was impressed by how quickly you are working to respond to needs. It is not uncommon for people to feel the dilemma of thinking about how to respond after receiving a business order, so I hope that they will continue to promote development that meets the needs of society.
  • We basically use in-house developed programs for business considerations. However, in the future, when considering watershed flood control, it is necessary to provide detailed ground information to the model than the conventional flood prediction and inundation prediction examination, and I think DioVISTA has the advantage of being able to seamlessly perform model setting and analysis. In addition, since local governments are required to show effects from the perspective of residents, I felt that this product was useful for both engineers and local governments.
  • I was able to see that DioVISTA is evolving more and more. For simple rivers and basins, I thought DioVISTA would be good enough to analyze them. I felt that if we could separate the areas that can be handled by DioVISTA from those that must be created in anticipation of unique phenomena, we can use DioVISTA to save labor.
  • We always use it to support non-life insurance customers' flood countermeasures.
  • It excels in the speed of calculation and visualization of analysis results, and is very useful for deepening customers' awareness of flood disaster risks.

Hands-on Seminar Tokyo, Fukuoka

  • It was a very meaningful seminar and I came from afar. I would like to see it implemented in rural areas as well.
  • I think it will be able to be used in various ways in the future. After considering it, I would like to develop various analyses.
  • The operation and display were light and comfortable. We would like to consider introducing it in the future.
  • I was surprised at how fast the calculations were. I would like to share it within the company.
  • I am a student, but thank you for allowing me to participate. We hope to use it for future research activities.
  • It was good that I was able to proceed with the operation without being left behind with a careful explanation.
  • On the day of the seminar, I was indebted to the seminar assistant.
  • It was a pity that the garden tour was gone. (At the hands-on seminar in Tokyo, the Hitachi Central Research Institute garden tour was canceled due to rain.)
  • I wanted to visit the garden!!

Seminar Information Pamphlet

You can download the brochure in PDF format.

Figure: Example of analysis of watershed flood control by DioVISTA

1. Webinar 7/6

Re Wednesday, July 6, 2022 13:00~14:30 @オンライン
target Are you interested in watershed flood control and flood simulator DioVISTA/Flood?
substance Part 1: Green Basin Flood Control and Sustainable Regional Development Yukihiro Shimaya, University of Kumamoto Distinguished Professor
Part 2 Utilization of DioVISTA/Flood for Watershed Flood Control 2022 Hitachi, Ltd. Satoshi Yamaguchi
meeting place online
  1. (Part 1) Distinguished Professor Yukihiro Shimatani of the University of Kumamoto will introduce his research using DioVISTA/Flood and give a lecture on green basin flood control and sustainable community development.
  2. Part 2: In the era of watershed flood control, software is required to model various elements in the basin, perform integrated analysis from rainfall runoff to flood analysis for a large number of cases, and explain it to related parties in an easy-to-understand manner. Based on this, I would like to talk about what DioVISTA can do now and what we plan for future development.

2. Hands-on Seminar Tokyo 7/13

Re Wednesday, July 13, 2022 14:00~17:00 @東京
target Those who want to know the operation feeling of the flood simulator DioVISTA/Flood, those who want to create a risk map
substance 1. Flood Simulator DioVISTA/Flood Exercise Risk Map Creation
2. Research "Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Social Infrastructure"
3. Hitachi, Ltd. Central Research Laboratory Garden tour (cancelled in case of rain)
meeting place Hitachi, Ltd. Central Research Laboratory (1st floor, Kyoso Building, 1-280 Higashikoigakubo, Kokubunji-shi, Tokyo)
Capacity 20 people 30 people (increased by 10 people due to the large number of applications)
  1. Exercise: You will actually operate the flood simulator DioVISTA/Flood and experience creating a risk map. For actual rivers, you will actually import river channel data, edit ground height, set embankments and culverts, set levee conditions, calculate flooding, prepare envelope maps, and prepare deliverables that comply with the "Guidelines for Digitization of Flood Area Map Data (3rd Edition)".
  2. Research: Introducing the cutting-edge AI innovations being carried out at Hitachi.
  3. Garden tour: You will see the vast garden of the Institute and the headwaters of the Tama River system Nogawa in one corner of the garden. Video: Nature at Hitachi Central Research Institute

3. Hands-on Seminar Fukuoka 7/21

Re Thursday, July 21, 2022 15:00~17:00 @福岡
target Those who want to know the operation feeling of the flood simulator DioVISTA/Flood, those who want to create a risk map
substance Flood Simulator DioVISTA/Flood Exercise Risk Map Creation
meeting place Hitachi Power Solutions Co., Ltd. Kyushu Branch (Hakata Mitsui Building No. 2, 1st floor, Conference Room, 1-35 Tenyacho, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City)
Capacity 10 people
  1. Exercise: You will actually operate the flood simulator DioVISTA/Flood and experience creating a risk map. For actual rivers, you will actually import river channel data, edit ground height, set embankments and culverts, set breakage conditions, calculate flooding, prepare envelope maps, and prepare deliverables in accordance with the "Guidelines for Digitization of Flood Area Map Data (3rd Edition)" (the content of the exercises in "Hands-on Seminar (Tokyo)" and "Hands-on Seminar (Fukuoka)" is the same).

Hands-on seminar materials

In this seminar, we will conduct exercises using DioVISTA Flood Pro (full version).

Participation fee

Free / Pre-registration required

How to apply

Please apply on the application site, by e-mail, or by phone.

Deadline: July 5

  • Application site

  • Email:

  • telephone

    • Tokyo: 03-6285-2936, Person in Ishikawa
    • Fukuoka: 092-262-7811, Person in charge: Taniguchi
  • By e-mail or phone, please contact us with your company name, name, department name, job title, e-mail address, telephone number, and desired seminar (July 6, July 13, July 21).

Precautions and requests

  • If the capacity is reached, the application will be closed.
  • Personal information entered in this participation application will be collected for the purpose of operation, management, sending materials, etc. of our seminars, and will not be used for any other purpose or provided or disclosed to third parties.
  • Due to the impact of the spread of the new coronavirus infection and from the viewpoint of infection prevention, it may be unavoidable to cancel. Thank you for your understanding.
  • We will prepare a PC to use in the hands-on seminar.
  • Prior to the seminar, you can get a feel for the operation with the DioVISTA/ Flood free version, and the practical training on the day will be smooth.
  • Those who fall under the following categories are not allowed to participate in the hands-on seminar.
    • Those who have a fever of 37.5°C or higher, or those who are not feeling well (including taste and smell abnormalities).
    • Those who have close contact with a person who is positive for new coronavirus infection
    • Those who have traveled to a country or region that requires entry restrictions or an observation period after entry by the government, or have had close contact with the resident within the past 14 days.
  • When participating in the hands-on seminar, it is mandatory to "wear a mask, measure temperature, and disinfect your hands".
  • Please check your physical condition in advance when participating in the hands-on seminar, and refrain from participating if you have a fever or feel unwell.


Dear Sirs, I would like to express my sincere congratulations on your continued success.

On July 6, we will hold an online seminar for professionals involved in flood damage. In addition, hands-on seminars will be held in Tokyo and Fukuoka to actually operate the software. We would appreciate it if you could feel free to apply.

As you are all aware, the effects of climate change are becoming apparent, and the risk of flood damage is expected to increase further in the future. With the enactment of the Act on Flood Control in April last year, efforts to realize safety and security under a new policy of river basin flood control are accelerating. New initiatives have begun, such as the development of flood risk maps and the advance discharge of water utilization dams.

We have been selling the real-time flood simulator DioVISTA/Flood since 2006, and many customers have used it, mainly in the non-life insurance and construction consulting fields. In addition, we provide detailed and specific BCP (Business Continuity Plan) formulation support based on simulations for the corporate disaster prevention field, and have been well received by companies in the manufacturing industry, data centers, broadcasting, and social infrastructure.

In this seminar, Distinguished Professor Yukihiro Shimatani of the University of Kumamoto will give a lecture titled "Green Basin Flood Control and Sustainable Regional Development" and examples of the use of DioVISTA/Flood, a real-time flood simulator for watershed flood control. In addition to online seminars that are easy for many people to participate in, hands-on seminars will be held in Tokyo and Fukuoka where you can actually touch the software and ask questions on the spot.

We understand that you are busy, but we sincerely look forward to your participation.

Kind regards

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