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FAQ/ Meaning of Status Columns for Flow Data at Drainage Station

From the calculation results, the flow rate data of the drainage station was obtained as a CSV file. The operation is [Drainage station] > [Export Flow Rate] . What does the "Status" column in this CSV file mean?


The meaning of the State column is shown below.

name value meaning
kPumpBroken 0 The pump is out of order Drainage source water level > = Pump failure water level
kPumpStopped 1 Pump is stopped Destination water level >= water level at which the pump stops
kSluiceStopped 2 The gate is stopped. Drain destination water level > = Water level at which the gutter gate stops or water level at the drain destination
> Water level at the drain destination and Prevention of backflow of the gutter gate == true
or there is no water in the drain source and "Lower limit of gutter flow rate" is not set
kWorkingAsPump 3 Pump is working Source water level \< destination water level and not kPumpBroken and not kPumpStopped
kWorkingAsSluice 4 The gutter gate is working Source water level >= destination water level and not kSluiceBroken and not kSluiceStopped
kSluiceBroken 5 The gutter gate is out of order The water level of the drainage source > = the water level of the gutter gate has been set.
kWorkingAsWeir 6 Weir is operating There is water at the drain and water level at the destination > weir top height or there is water at the drainage source and the water level at the drainage source > weir top height
kWeirStopped 7 Weir is stopped Not kWorkingAsWeir
kWorkingAsPumpNoFlow 8 The pump is running, but the flow rate is 0
kWorkingAsSluiceNoFlow 9 The gutter gate is operating, but the flow rate is 0
kWorkingAsWeirNoFlow 10 Weir is operating, but the flow rate is 0

The following is an example of the flow rate file of the drainage station with the calculation results.


Last update: 2023-03-20