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FAQ/ Error Message: No valid riverbed found

River crossing data was imported.

[Start Simulation] When I selected the button, I got the following error:

No valid riverbed found. The elevation of one of the component points between the left and right banks must be lower than the left and right bank elevations.

How do I modify a cross-section?


Check and correct the cross-section pointed out in the error message[Cross-sectional view editing] by .

For example, in the figure below, point A is set to the left bank shoulder and point D is set to the right bank shoulder.

Since the right bank shoulder (D point) is lower than the riverbed (point B), water cannot flow into this river channel.

The correct right bank shoulder is considered to be point C, not point D, so please correct it as such.

For the editing method, press the button in the figure below [edit] and specify after selecting point C [Right bank shoulder] .

Last update: 2023-03-15