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FAQ/ Error message "Unable to open data file XXX"

When I tried to execute the simulation calculation by batch processing, the following error message appeared and failed.

Unable to open data file "2b76ca5f-2d84-4c72-80f1-eab3a5f5242a".
Incorrect simulation condition.

Please tell me the cause and how to deal with it.


This may be because the data file containing terrain data, rainfall data, etc. (in this example, a file named \"2b76...\") [Project file name + \"\"] is stored in a different folder than .

Can you try one of the following two methods?
If you want to calculate your project manually from DioVISTA instead of dfsCalc64.exe, try (2) above.

(1) Specify the path of the data file folder

dfsCalc64.exe Options --data-folder specify the path of the folder for the data files.

For example, you can find a data file in the folder If \"2b76...\" is stored,

is specified.

The following example shows how to run the project Bp001.fsxproj from PowerShell.

$derivedFsxproj = gi Bp001.fsxproj
dfsCalc64.exe -d ..\mapdata\dataset.ini -o $derivedFsxproj.BaseName -O . -I 300 -t 10800 -m 25 $derivedFsxproj

(2) Change the folder name of the data

Rename the data file folder to match the name of the project.

For example, if the folder contains the data file \"2b76...\" and you run project Bp001.fsxproj, rename the folder to

Alternatively, copy the folder and rename it
After this, run the simulation in dfsCalc64.exe or DioVISTA.

Last update: 2023-03-20