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Installing DioVISTA Flood Free

  1. [DioVISTAFree.msi] Double-click Installer.

  2. [Welcome to the DioVISTA Free Edition Setup Wizard] screen appears.

    • [Next] button.

  3. [License Terms] screen appears.

    • Read the license terms, [agree] select , and[Next] click the button.

  4. [Select an installation folder] screen appears.

    • Select the destination folder.

    • [Next] button.

  5. [Verifying the Installation] screen appears.

    • [Next] button.

  6. [Installing DioVISTA Free Edition] screen appears.

    [User Account Control] If the following message appears on the screen


    [はい] ボタンをクリックします。

  7. [The installation is complete.] screen appears.

    • [close] button.

  8. icon appears on your desktop [DioVISTA Flood Free Edition] .


To uninstall DioVISTA Flood Free, please refer to Uninstalling DioVISTA Flood Free.


If you want to repair DioVISTA Flood Free, please refer to Repairing DioVISTA Flood Free Version.

Last update: 2023-03-20