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Project/Shapefile Object

Main applications

  • Displays the Shape object.

Figure: Shape object

Table: Shape object context menu items and functions

Context menu items function
Opening SHAPE files Open and view the Shape file.
Delete All Objects Delete all Shape objects.

Opening SHAPE files

  1. [Open a file] Select the Shape file (*.shp) in the dialog[open] and click the button. The Shape data is displayed.

    Figure: Opening a Shape file

  2. Set the settings related to the Shape object on the Properties screen.

Figure: Properties screen of Shape object settings

Table: Shape object property names and settings

Property Name What to set
File Name Displays the location of the Shape file being imported.
attribute Displays attribute information in the attribute dialog.
Line Attributes Specify the polyline style (line type/line width/line color).
The initial values are as follows:
Linetype: Solid
Line Width: 2px Line
Color: Blue-Green
Fill attribute Specifies the color in which the polygon is filled.
The default value is rgb(0,255,0).
Point attributes Point to specify the color of the point.
The default value is rgb(255,0,0).

Delete All Objects

When you select the menu, a confirmation message appears. [Yes] Click the button to delete all Shape objects.

Figure: Delete all objects

Last update: 2023-03-20