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FAQ/ Inundated areas may appear as enclaves

When displaying flooded areas in DioVISTA Flood, flooded areas may form in the form of enclaves.

Is it a problem that can be solved by being able to change the settings on the display?


Could you please see if the snapshot function of the camera icon will improve it? Currently, due to the display of the software, the flooding result is displayed with speed priority, and the image output by the camera button is output accurately drawn.

For details, please refer to Misalignment of the flood depth displayed on the map.

For a countermeasure to deal with the problem that the inundation area may be displayed as an enclave when netcdf or csv output in MLIT format is displayed in GIS, refer to FAQ / Inundation areas may be displayed as enclaves when the inundation depth is output to GIS.

Last update: 2023-03-17