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Toolbar / Tool Functions

Auxiliary functions such as distance and area measurement and transparency adjustment.

Figure: Tool function

Table: About the tool function description menu items and functions

icon item function
Topographic cross-section Displays the topographic section for a specified extent.
Distance measurement Measures the distance in the specified range.
Area measurement Measures the area of the specified range.
Ground transparency Change the transparency of the earth's surface.
At 100%, the ground surface appears completely transparent.
Translucent display of terrain walls In underground display mode, toggles the display of the underground wall surface between translucent and opaque.
Re Displays the time of the simulation.
Scale Specifies the scale of the map.
Height enhancement Displays the elevation of the map multiplied by a magnification to emphasize the height.
Point of interest Show/hide the point of interest.
Online Map Displays the map of the currently displayed location in a web browser.
Light mode Toggle light settings.

Last update: 2023-03-17