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Menu bar/ Favorites

Figure: Favorites menu

Table: Favorites menu items and functions

Menu Items function
Add to favorites Favorites the displayed position.
Edit favorites Make your favorite edits.
Favorite places Go to Favorite Places.

Add to favorites

Select the menu with the location to be added to favorites displayed on the map.

[Add to favorites] Enter a name in the dialog[OK] and click the button.

Figure: Add to favorites

Edit favorites

When you select a menu,[Edit favorites] a dialog appears.

Edit each item and[OK] click the button.

Figure: Edit favorite dialog

Table: Favorite edit dialog items and descriptions

item explanation
Favorites (tab) Tab display of registered favorites.
View the favorite tab you want to edit and edit the item.
name Enter a name for your favorite.
latitude Select North/South latitude and set the latitude.
longitude Select East/West and set the longitude.
altitude Sets the altitude of the display position.
direction Sets the orientation of the display position.
slope Sets the slope of the display position.
Map type Select the map type (raster map, vector map) to display.
Terrain display Select the terrain display mesh size to display the map three-dimensionally.
Use as the initial display position. Check this to be the initial display position when DioVISTA starts.
Delete button Click to delete. The favorite you are viewing is deleted.

Favorite places

Select a favorite location from the menu.

The map displayed in the main window moves to the location marked as a favorite.

Figure: Select a favorite place

Last update: 2023-03-20