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FAQ/ Breaking Width of Levee Model

Is it possible to set the breakage width for the levee model?


It's possible.

You can set the width of the levee over time.

The default value is calculated from the empirical model in accordance with the Flood Area Mapping Manual (4th Edition).

The value is estimated from the width of the river and the distance to the confluence, and the width of the levee immediately after the start of the levee is 1/2 of the maximum width, and the maximum width is 60 minutes after the break.

In addition, according to the time series of the levee width set by the user, the cells of the flood model that connect to the levee model change. For example, as the levee width increases, more cells in the flood model connect to the breakage model. Similarly, as the levee width decreases over time, fewer flood model cells connect to the levee model.

Last update: 2023-03-17