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FAQ/ When outputting the inundation depth to CSV, I want to output it with 3 decimal places.

When exporting simulation results in MILIT CSV format, the minimum unit is in cm (2 decimal places). I want to output this in mm units (3 decimal places).

The Guidelines for the Digitization of Flood Prediction Area Map Data (3rd Edition) require that the number of decimal places of the inundation depth be output as two digits (e.g., p. 50 Table 9), but three digits are illustrated in the sample data (e.g., p. 50).


In dfsConv64.exe, specify csv or max2csv and -R use options. When this option is specified, the following variables are printed with three decimal places:

  • altitude
  • Flood depth
  • Flow rate
  • Maximum immersion depth
  • Maximum flow velocity
  • Maximum flow velocity in the X direction
  • Maximum flow velocity in Y direction

These variables are specified in the Guidelines for Digitization of Flood Area Map Data (3rd Edition) to be output with two decimal places.

If the data output in MLIT CSV format is expanded to the GIS and the flood is sparse or enclave, -R try specifying both this option and the option -z at the same time. For more information, see "FAQ/Outputting inundation depth to GIS may display inundation areas as enclaves".

This feature has been available since version 3.3.0.

Last update: 2023-03-17