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Project/KML Objects

Main applications

  • View KML objects and create placemarks.

Figure: KML object

Table: KML object context menu items and functions

Context menu items function
Opening KML files Open and view the KML file.
Create a new KML Create a new KML object.
If you want to create a placemark, create it under this KML object.
Delete All Objects Delete all KML objects.

Opening KML files

[Open a file] Select the KML file in the dialog and[open] click the button.

KML data is displayed.

Figure: Displaying KML data

Create a new KML

When you select a menu, an [New Object] item is created on the Object tab.

Figure: Creating a new object field

Delete All Objects

Selecting the menu deletes all KML objects at once.

Last update: 2023-03-20