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FAQ/ Preparation of deliverables in accordance with the Flood Area Mapping Manual (4th Edition)

Can I create deliverables that conform to the Flood Area Mapping Manual (4th Edition)?

Manual for Mapping Flooded Areas (4th Edition)) p. 41

7.10. Provision and storage of flood inundation area map data The "Guidelines for Digitization of Flood Prediction Area Map Data" (hereinafter referred to as the "Digitization Guidelines") so that municipalities can easily use data such as flood inundation area maps and information on inundation predictions on websites such as GSI maps. In addition to digitizing and storing CSV files, NetCDF files, shapefiles, DXF files, and KML file formats, metadata files describing calculation conditions and specifications of the levee point, and data files showing the relationship between the breakage point and the reference water level observatory shall also be created and stored.


I can. For details, please refer to FAQ/Creation of netCDF and CSV Compliant with Guidelines for Digitization of Flood Area Map Data (3rd Edition) and FAQ/Creation of shapefile and DXF formats in accordance with Guidelines for Digitization of Flood Area Map Data (3rd Edition).

Last update: 2023-03-17