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FAQ/ I want to install sluice gates and pumps as river crossing structures.

I want to simulate a river where sluice gates and pumps are installed as river crossing structures, and the upstream and downstream flow is controlled. How do I model?


You can install a tipping weir in the middle of the river.

In addition, a drainage station can be set up at the downstream end of the river.

To set the end-of-flow drainage station in the middle of a river, divide the downstream side into the main river and the upstream side as a tributary. Specific steps: Create two rivers with a tributary on the upstream side and a main river on the downstream side. Set up a tributary to join the main river. Create a drainage station at the end of the stream on the tributary (right-click [Create new] > > [New drainage station at the end of the stream]).

In the properties of the end-of-the-mill station[Mode of operation], select[pump] one of [Himon], . [Pump + Himon]

[Himon] In the mode, the gutter gate is closed when the downstream water level is high, and the gutter gate is automatically opened when the water level is low.

[pump] In mode, either the upstream[Maximum displacement] flow rate or the smaller flow flow flow flows downstream.

[Pump + Himon] In mode, if the water level downstream is higher than the upstream water level, the gutter gate is closed and the water is pumped downstream. If the water level downstream is lower than the water level upstream, the gutter gate opens. This control is automatic.

Last update: 2023-03-20