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Project/ Culvert / Data

Figure: Culvert data

Table: Culvert data context menu items and functions

Context menu items function
valid Enables or disables culvert data.
Editing culverts Edit the culvert data.
Delete this culvert Delete the culvert data.


Enable/Disable. If enabled, a check is displayed.

Editing culverts

  1. When you select a menu, the start point and end point are displayed.

    Figure: Editing culverts.

    Table: Culvert edits and operations

    Editing operation
    migration Select a vertex and move it with mouse drag.
  2. To revert to the previous state, [Revert] select Edit menu .

  3. To cancel editing,[Esc] press the key.

  4. [Enter] Press the key to confirm your edits.

Delete this culvert

When you select the menu, a confirmation message appears. [Yes] Click the button to delete this culvert data.

Last update: 2023-03-20