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FAQ/ How to calculate the amount of wastewater discharged by drainage station

When creating a new drainage station, the drainage target area is specified, but in the calculation, the calculation of wastewater does not end when the water in the drainage target area is exhausted, but when the water at the position where the drainage pump cell is located, does the calculation of wastewater end?

If you want to calculate the drainage until the water in the drainage target area runs out, is it better to specify the location of the drainage pump in the deepest ground height cell in the drainage target area?


If the operating mode is pump, it will exit when there is no more flooding in the target area.

If the operating mode is gutter, the drainage will end when the cell at the drainage pump position runs out of water, as in your question. However, if there is an item called the lower limit value of the gutter flow rate, and the amount of water is set in that item, even if water remains in the mesh other than the position of the drainage pump, it will be drained.

For details, please refer to FAQ/Operation when the lower limit of the gutter flow rate is set.

Last update: 2023-03-17