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Start a simulation

  • Conditions: Simulation conditions must be set in advance. (Reference: Simulation condition setting common operation, simulation condition setting Individual operation)

  • Select > [Flood simulation]from the DioVISTA menu bar [Start a simulation] or click the button.

  • For new projects, a [Saving a project] dialog is displayed. Set the project name and save destination and [preservation] click the button.

  • [Start Simulation] A dialog will appear.

  • Configure the simulation settings.

  • Set the simulation conditions (simulation date and time, calculation time, calculation mesh size, watershed analysis accuracy, optional) and simulation results (save interval, log file name).

  • [beginning] Click.

  • The simulation runs.

Stop the simulation

  1. Select > [Flood simulation]from the DioVISTA menu bar [End of Simulation] or click the button.

  2. Kill a running simulation.

  3. A simulation result log up to the time of execution is created.

Last update: 2023-03-20