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Project/LP Objects

Main applications

  • Display LP data on a map.

Figure: LP data

Table: Context menu items and functions for LP data

Context menu items function
Opening LP data files Open and view the LP data file.
Delete All Objects Delete all LP data.

Opening LP data files

[open] Select the LP data file (*.txt, *.csv) in the dialog box and[open] click the button. You can hold down the key to [Ctrl] select multiple files and hold[Shift] down the key to specify a range of files.

Figure: Opening an LP data file

  1. The Import LP Data dialog (shown below) appears. Specify the fields that correspond to the coordinate system, latitude longitude, elevation, and color, and[confusion] [Ingest All] then click the button or button.

    Figure: Import LP Data dialog

  2. LP data is displayed.

    Figure: Displaying LP data

Delete All Objects

When you select the menu, a confirmation message appears. [Yes] Click the button to delete all LP data.

Figure: Delete all objects

Last update: 2023-03-20