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Condition setting Individual operation/ flow rate

Create a new flow rate

Please refer to Flow Rate/Embankment/Sewage / Embankment/Creating a New Gutter/Gutter.

Set flow/time series

  1. Select the flow rate for which you want to specify the flow rate / time series from >> in the project menu list of DioVISTA [Simulation conditions] [flood] [flow rate] and click it.

  2. Click under Flow rate (m^3/s) in Properties [...] .

  3. The flow setting screen appears.

  4. Enter the time (s) and flow rate (m^3/s).

    • By default, it is 10 (m^3/s).
  5. When you are finished [OK] , click .

Set detailed flow rate settings

  • Please make various settings in Properties.

Last update: 2023-03-20