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FAQ/ I want to specify the effective minimum value of the inundation depth.

In a flood analysis, is it possible to prevent water movement at depths of less than 5 mm?

In DioVISTA's flood analysis, we confirmed that when the water depth is less than 1 mm, the flow velocity is zero and water does not move, which was confirmed by looking at Technical References/Flood Model/Differential Methods.

In the analysis project we are currently targeting, FAQ/ When outputting the inundation depth to the GIS, the inundation area may be displayed as an enclave The same phenomenon is occurring.

Since the Guidelines for Digitization of Flood Prediction Area Map Data (3rd Edition) specify that the inundation depth should be output with two decimal places (in units of 1 cm), we would like to prevent the occurrence of a flood depth that reaches 0 cm when rounded. In other words, we do not want to allow water to move when the water depth is less than 5 mm.


In response to your request, we have added a function. Version. This feature is available from 3.4.7.

[project] > [property] > [Effective minimum value of water depth in the flood equation (m)] . For more information, refer to Effective Minimum Water Depth in the Flood Equation.

Last update: 2023-03-20