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FAQ/ Give a flow time series at the upstream end of a river

Can rivers be given upstream flow rates in time series (hydrographs)?


It's possible.

As a property of the stream, specify a flow time series.

Figure: Upstream flow setting screen

Click in the river properties [Upstream flow rate] and enter the water level time series in the dialog that appears.
You can also [import] import data in CSV format by pressing the button in this dialog.
Here is an example of a CSV file that can be imported:


The CSV format is as follows.

  • Column A: Time(s)
  • Row B: Flow rate (m3/s)

The data is handled as follows:

  • Before the first time in the data, the value of the first time is used.
  • After the last time in the data, the value of the last time is used.
  • Times within a range of data use the values in the data that are linearly interpolated.

Last update: 2023-03-20