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Legend / Display

Displays legend data.

Table: Legend data descriptions

legend explanation
depth of water Displays a legend of water depth.
Please refer to the simulation results when displaying the flood depth.
water level Displays the water level legend.
Please refer to > when displaying [Display details]the simulation results [Adding ground height to water depth] .
River depth Displays the legend to display on the right and left bank lines of the river.
Please refer to this when calculating river water levels.
Alert Level Displays the alert level legend for river water gauges.
Please refer to it when the water level gauge is installed and set in the alert level attribute item.
land use Displays the legend for the land-use map.
Please refer to it when displaying the land use map.
altitude Displays the elevation legend.
Please refer to it when displaying the elevation color of the display.

Last update: 2023-03-20