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FAQ/ Values of X and Y components of flow velocity

The MLIT format CSV file output from DioVISTA contains the flow velocity but does not contain the directional component.

Is there a way to check the flow velocity in the X direction and the flow velocity in the Y direction in DioVISTA?


You can check the calculation results on the screen. The flow velocity (X component, Y component, magnitude) of the mouse position is displayed numerically on the screen. For details, please refer to "FAQ/How to check the calculation results".

Alternatively, you can refer to netCDF files in MLIT format. For details, please refer to "FAQ/How to check the contents of the output NetCDF".

The MLIT format CSV does not include the X-direction flow velocity or the Y-direction flow velocity. On the other hand, netCDF in MLIT format includes X-directional flow velocity, Y-direction flow velocity. For CSV in MLIT format, see Guidelines for Digitization of Flood Area Map Data (3rd Edition) p. 50 Table 9, "Data Format of Immersion Depth/Flow Velocity Data File and Maximum Envelope Data File". In addition, the specification for netCDF in MLIT format is specified in p. 59 Table 17 "Variables to be stored" in the same document.

Last update: 2023-03-17