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FAQ/ I want to map the inundation depth in GIS

In order to calculate the effect of river improvement, we are trying to display the inundation depth for each mesh on the GIS.

I output the flood analysis results from DioVISTA as ASC files and import them with GIS (Informatix SIS), but they are not displayed correctly.

What should I do?


To view it in Informatix SIS, please convert ASC file to CSV file.

Remove the ASC header and convert it to CSV. Import the CSV into your SIS. At this time, the location information is defined separately.

Alternatively, SIS confirmed from the following website that GRASS ASCII Grid (*.asc) has been supported since ver8.

Please check the version and upgrade the version to solve it.

SIS-enabled data: Readable data

Alternatively, you can use QGIS.

  • Capture the ASC file in QGIS and export it in Geotif.
  • Bring Geotif into your SIS.

Reference site for QGIS installation instructions ( from p.39)

Last update: 2023-03-17