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FAQ/ I want to fill up the tributary river

Since the tributaries are small and medium-sized rivers, I would like to evaluate the flooding while it is full. It is assumed that the analysis complies with the following requirements in the flood prediction area map creation manual June 17.

Flood Assumption Area Map Creation Manual June 17 p. 5

In the event that a flood of a scale exceeding the levee height of a small and medium-sized river occurs, conditions are set appropriately, such as treating the waterway of a small and medium-sized river as full (treated the same as a continuous embankment).


Estimate the full flow rate of the river channel and give its value to the upstream end of the tributary. It may be the planned flow rate.

If you consider the inflow from a tributary of a tributary, you may want to give a lateral inflow.

For more information, refer to the Technical Reference River Model - Properties and River Model - Lateral Inflow Setting Function.

Last update: 2023-03-17