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FAQ/ Modeling a closed channel in the middle of a river channel

Is there a way to model a closed channel, such as a siphon?


It can be expressed by Preissman Slot. Create a river channel and give it a pipeline shape as its transverse cross-section.

Figure: Conceptual diagram of a Priceman slot

We believe that about 10% of the width of the river is appropriate for the width of the slot. Configure a virtual wall to prevent overflow from the slot. Also, do not set the HQ expression in the relevant interval. If you specify the HQ expression, it may not be displayed well in the cross-sectional display.

In DioVISTA, you can set the cross-section of the river channel narrowed upward as shown in the figure below.

Figure: Example of setting a cross-section of a river channel narrowed upwards

DioVISTA has a model called gutter and gutter. This Fushigutter model uses a one-dimensional river channel model (circular cross section + Priceman slot). The slot width is 10% of the diameter of the pipe. This gutter is not intended to be connected to the middle of a river, so it cannot be used to model river structures as in this case.

Last update: 2023-03-17