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FAQ/ Even if a wall is erected in the river, I want to return it to the floodplain

Setting up a virtual wall on a river can have unreasonable results.

For example:
Water overflowing upstream without a virtual wall flows downstream with a virtual wall.
When the flow accumulates between the imaginary wall of the river and the mountainous embankment, extremely deep water depths occur.

Even in sections with virtual walls, if water can be set up so that water returns from the floodplain to the river, this problem will be solved. Is such a configuration possible?


It's possible.

For the virtual wall, you can set whether or not to return to the river from the floodplain.

If the River Data Properties [Allow reverse overflow in virtual wall sections] is , water [True] will return to the river from the floodplain, even in the section with the virtual wall.

Last update: 2023-03-20