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FAQ/ How to Sample Topographic Data

How do you sample terrain data (elevation data)?

For example, is the 25 m mesh data an average of the 5 m mesh data (original)?


The following describes how to make a 25m mesh prepared with DioVISTA.

Create a 12.5m mesh of latitude and longitude systems by bilinear interpolation from the data source (base map 5m elevation). From this mesh, a UTM 25 m mesh is created using NN (nearest neighbor method).

Therefore, the 25 m mesh data provided by DioVISTA does not match the average of the data source mesh.

If you want to use the average ground height of 5 m mesh data (original) as 25 m mesh data, the current easiest way seems to be to create it in another GIS and then import it into DioVISTA.

Last update: 2023-03-17