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Project/Shapefile Object/Data

Figure: Shape object data

Table: Shape object data context menu items and functions

Context menu items function
Opening SHAPE files Open and view the Shape file.
Changing the Coordinate System Change the coordinate system of a Shape object.
Delete this object Delete individual Shape objects.

Opening SHAPE files

See Project/Shapefile object/Opening a Shape file.

Changing the Coordinate System

  1. When you select a menu,[coordinate system] a dialog (shown below) appears.

    Figure: Coordinate System dialog

  2. [coordinate system] Select a coordinate system in the dialog and[OK] click the button.

    The coordinate system of the Shape object changes.

Delete this object

When you select the menu, a confirmation message appears.

[Yes] Click the button to delete this Shape object.

Figure: Delete this object.

Last update: 2023-03-20