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Condition setting Individual operation/ River/ lateral inflow

Create lateral inflow

  1. Select the river for which you want to specify lateral inflow from > in the project menu list of DioVISTA [Simulation conditions] and [rivers] right-click.

  2. [Create new] Click > [Creating a new lateral inflow] .

  3. The map will be in right-left bank line selection mode. Click where you want to inflow.

  4. When the position is confirmed [Enter] , press the key to confirm. Lateral inflow data is created under the river data.

  5. Set the settings related to lateral inflow amount on the properties screen.

Set the inflow

  1. Select the lateral inflow amount for which you want to specify the inflow amount from > in the DioVISTA project menu list [Simulation conditions] [rivers] , and click it.

  2. Click under Flow rate (m^3/s) in Properties [...] .

  3. The lateral inflow amount setting screen appears.

  4. Enter the time (s) and inflow (m^3/s).

  5. When you are finished [OK] , click .

Last update: 2023-03-20