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FAQ/ I want to map the flood arrival time and inundation duration.

Can I overlay the flood arrival time and inundation duration on the map?

The inundation duration is assumed to comply with the following requirements in the Flood Area Mapping Manual (4th Edition).

Manual for Mapping Flooded Areas (4th Edition) p. 37

7.4 Displaying the Flood Duration
The inundation duration shall basically be displayed as a separate figure from the figure depicting the flood area, the inundation depth, and the house collapse risk zone at the time of flood.


DioVISTA/Flood does not have the ability to display this information. Can you export the results data from DioVISTA/Flood and chart it using another software?

If you output from DioVISTA/Flood in NetCDF format, you can create a diagram on our sister product DioVISTA/Storm.

Last update: 2023-03-20